Last Thursday we began our series of staff training evenings at our offices in Kildare, with our goal to have each member of our crew trained in Food Hygiene and Manual Handling and awarded the relevant certificates over the next few weeks.

Training is being delivered by two of our own staff – Catherine O’Brien (Food Hygiene) and Aga Lipinska (Manual Handling).  Both Catherine and Aga have been undergoing training themselves in the past few months, and have both qualified as trainers in their respective areas (Congratulations, ladies!).  Having our own in-house trainers means that we are now in a position to train all existing and  incoming staff members, and perhaps be in a position to offer training facilities to our clients in the near future.  Exciting times!

Here are a few pictures of the training in action.  Thank you to all staff members who attended last Thursday.

Catherine O’Brien delivering Food Hygiene training


Aga Lipinska delivering Manual Handling training