The first employee of Event Waiter Limited, thereby earning her the rightful title of “Number 1” (regardless of all other contenders to the throne!), Catherine O’Brien has been a solid presence in the crew from the very start.

With a background in outdoor catering and in the bar trade, Catherine has always been a natural in hospitality, and is known to all of us and all of our clients as hardworking and diligent.  She’s also invariably a hit with the guests at events.  Catherine’s a reluctant leader, but nevertheless someone that the rest of the crew looks to for example and guidance.  She’s also a Super-Mammy, juggling home and work schedules like a boss.

Catherine’s got a weakness for carrot cake and Costa coffee, as everyone knows, but her Kryptonite is any small critter with eight legs (you’ll risk a demonstration of her martial arts skills if you even mention one!).  If you’re working with her – no matter what time of day – expect her to be half an hour early for the job.  Lateness is never an option!

With us from the start and, we hope, for a lot longer, Catherine is a great asset to the team.